Behind closed doors

In principle, it is quite simple: according to article 52 of the municipal code for the state of bavaria, the item "publicity" is as follows for community or city council meetings: "the meetings are open to the public, unless there are considerations of public welfare or legitimate individual claims to the contrary."
Even at the special meeting of the munnerstadt city council on monday, no item on the agenda caused any fear that the general welfare would have been endangered if the public – that is, the citizens and voters – had been allowed to listen in. On the contrary.
It is precisely the dangerous, because it tends to be undemocratic, trend of moving uncomfortable topics to the non-public part of the meeting that is detrimental to the common good. Politics needs transparency so that citizens can form an opinion. The citizen must be able to see and hear how his party positions itself in the dispute. He must be allowed to see and hear what level of discussion takes place. He must be allowed to form his own opinion.
And the press must be allowed to control politics and politicians.
But more and more often this is prevented because city councils prefer to meet behind closed doors.
As in the recent case in munnerstadt.
Of course, the discussion about how much the mayor paid the lawyer so that the lawyer could examine an official complaint and several newspaper articles had to be public! Because: the 5400 euros came from the city’s coffers, it’s tax money. So who, if not the citizens, must then be allowed to witness the discussion, must also be allowed to hear the mayor’s statement?
It is about something else. It’s easier to fight behind closed doors. And it is also easier to exchange open words. No one can tell who’s been hitting who. Unpopular topics are discussed without the burghers and the press being able to listen in.
It goes on in this style: when the city council meets on monday, it will be again about the causa blank/attorney. Of course, again under exclusion of the public.

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