A meadow orchard for more biodiversity in marktsteft

In marktsteft, a new recreation area is to be created for the town’s citizens on the former clothing site on the river main. For this reason, many new orchard trees were planted near the old harbor last thursday. Marktsteft’s mayor thomas reichert invited deputy district administrator paul streng as well as head of department gerd dull from the office for food, agriculture and forestry kitzingen and andreas becker from the horticulture department to the event. Together with the chairman of the district association for horticulture and land conservation, karl wolf, and representatives of the local conservation association, the young trees were planted in the ground under the expert supervision of the employees of the city’s building yard.

Mayor reichert is pleased with the plantings, as they will once again enhance the old industrial land next to bavaria’s oldest inland harbor. In addition, the new fruit trees donated by the horticultural center of bavaria north will promote biodiversity. "We have to think sustainably, see what we are leaving behind for our descendants and act accordingly," stressed mayor reichert, emphasized mayor reichert. The planting campaign is intended to serve as an example for the entire district and to promote biodiversity.

Becker also praised the new meadow orchard and explained that it was a way of "getting people out into nature again" and teach them how to use them responsibly.

The citizens of the small town on the river main can look forward to apples, pears, plums and reneklodes in the near future. Because the fruits of the planted high trunks are available to the general public and also the animal world will enjoy the new orchard trees.

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