65 Students of the m-branch sweat in the aischtalhalle

Last tuesday, the graduation ceremonies began at the ritter-von spix middle school in hochstadt. Despite the rather chilly weather, 65 students from the M branch sweated it out in the aischtal hall. Cell phones were handed in, and after a brief introduction, schoolchildren turned their attention to math problems.

"This is already the third day, and I am not very excited", said one student before the start of the exam.

In addition to the "quali", hochstadt’s secondary school offers also the intermediate school-leaving certificate in the M-branch at. The "M" stands for middle maturity. The M-train was introduced in many middle schools as an alternative to the four-year secondary school in the 1999/2000 school year.

The written middle-school exams started with german on tuesday, followed by english on wednesday and mathematics on thursday. Today is the last round of project examinations in the career-oriented branches of economics, technology and social studies.

Various qualifications

The exams for all M-10 students include german, mathematics and english, as well as a project exam. The "M" course begins in the seventh grade (M7) and ends in the tenth grade (M10) with the passing of the final examination for the "mittlere reife". The intermediate school leaving certificate of the middle school entitles the holder to attend the upper secondary school, just like the secondary modern school leaving certificate. Successful graduates of the intermediate secondary school can then transfer to a specialized secondary school to obtain the advanced technical college entrance qualification and to a specialized technical college or academy. In addition, the middle career as a civil servant can be pursued.

In order to increase the chances of finding a good apprenticeship position, bavaria, among others, also offers the so-called qualifying secondary school certificate ("quali"). This additional qualification is awarded after passing a voluntary examination at the end of the ninth grade. The exam includes german, mathematics and either english, physics/chemistry/biology (PCB) or history/social studies/earth sciences (GSE). In addition, another subject must be chosen: religious education or ethics, sports, music, art, computer science or accounting.

Acquisition of the "quali

For students with a non-german mother tongue, under certain conditions and at the request of their legal guardians, the subject of english is replaced by the subject of the mother tongue, and for the subject of german, "german as a second language". Uber the acquisition of the "quali the middle school students receive a special certificate in addition to the high school diploma. The "quali is achieved when the student or external applicant has obtained an overall score of at least 3.0 in the subjects of the special performance assessment.

With the successful completion of secondary school after the 9th grade. The graduates receive the vocational school entrance qualification. With this diploma, many professional opportunities are open to the graduates of the secondary school.

The written "quali-examinations take place from 6. Until the 9. July takes place. On 24. July all successful graduates receive their certificate. A prom cannot take place this year because of corona. But a one-hour ceremonial graduation in the permitted framework takes place for each class in the last week of school.

In this "corona year" the preparation for the examinations was also somewhat different. Principal michael ulbrich: "the graduating classes have been preparing for the respective examinations in alternating shifts at the school since the end of the easter vacations. This has already been a great relief for the current graduates, and we naturally wish all the graduates success. For our school, the examination calendar began at the end of march, and it’s not over until the end of july."

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