17 New employees in the “most important job in the world

17 New employees in the

It was a good day for helios-frankenwaldklinik on wednesday, when 17 nurses officially completed their training in the afternoon. Twelve of them will continue to care for patients in the clinic. The remaining five are working at other clinics or are using their skills as a basis and building on them through further training.

The head of the nursing school, matthias lau, was proud of his graduates. He pointed out that this "course 54" had been the first to be confronted with new learning methods and new media during training. And he asked the young people: "dear Z-generation, show the X- and Y-generations what you have on it!"

For the managing director, philipp lowenstein, it was the first farewell to trainees. And he said with a smile at the graduates' festive attire: "you are so elegantly and grandly dressed, if I had known that, I had adapted myself."

He became more serious, however, when he stated: "you have the most important job in the world!"

Nursing as teamwork

According to lowenstein, nursing is an important part of the recovery process. He pointed out that it is about people and that the care also means teamwork. Lowenstein also referred to the ongoing advertising campaign. The helios-frankenwaldklinik is striving to keep as many trainees as possible at the kronach site and to recruit new nurses.

Nursing director andreas ebert described the nursing profession as multifaceted and saw it as being linked to social aspects. But the nursing profession can also give you a great deal of personal fulfillment. The newly qualified nurses are now expected to implement what they have learned on their own responsibility and in teamwork. He spoke of digitalization in the nursing sector, the creation of the digitalized patient file, and the development of a new patient care system. He advised the young nurses to be curious, excited and open-minded in the face of professional changes. But: "never forget, at the core it"s about the people!"

The other deputy district administrator, bernd steger, emphasized the great importance of the frankenwald clinic for the region. He praised the young nurses: "you have chosen a demanding profession and you are important!"

The two graduates, agnes and lisa, love to review their three-year training in a humorous way. You reminded of individual stations and of common celebrations. She thanked the director of the nursing school, matthias lau, and his team. Thomas sauer provided the musical accompaniment for the closing ceremony.

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