There is no grant

Regarding the article "marktleugast fears negative effects and speaks out against the east bavarian ring road" (BR from 23. January) is written to us: in the municipal council meeting on 21. January it was confirmed by mr. Laaber on request of the second mayor maisel. There is no subsidy for the pressure line from neuensorg to marktleugast.

Of course, almost everyone knew this, but the people in charge in marktleugast said the opposite. Up to 70 percent of the media reported it. Nothing got the municipality for this mabnahme.

We apply for a grant retroactively. This is of course not possible. However, they tried to calm the burger with it. Unfortunately no response. There was nothing.

Why one has built here at all a pressure line, is for me not comprehensible. After all, the local conditions were ideal for a reed clearing system. This discussion was already held about 15 years ago. Or a pond clearing system like the one in steinbach. Why the most expensive solution was chosen is a mystery to me so far. But since it is only the burgers' money, this probably doesn't matter.

Thomas klier Tannenwirtshaus

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