Sticker stars are born

Josef hofbauer

stickers exert an almost magical attraction on children. The wife of fubball coach michael hutzler, andrea hutzler, knows this all too well. After all, she and her children collected panini pictures themselves at the soccer world championships. Thanks to her, childhood dreams come true for members of TSV ebermannstadt. Sticker stars are born. From saturday, 17. Marz, the scrapbook and more than 400 stickers with all fubballers and fubballerinnen of the TSV ebermannstadt are to be had.
The TSV sticker project is opened against a rough backdrop. A rough opening party is planned for saturday from 10 a.M. On the rewe parking lot in ebermannstadt. Club chairman norbert schleicher, head of the soccer department stefan nutzel, youth director franz bezold, font driver carola kohlbauer-baumler and of course andrea hutzler present and sell the sticker album and the picture packs, which are offered exclusively in the rewe market. An album will be raffled off among the players of the first sticker pack, and those who score in the goal-shooting contest can get a free pack of stickers. The players of the first team sign autographs and, of course, the first collectible pictures can be bought and exchanged on the spot.

Collecting fever is rampant

"Everyone in our club is already in collecting fever", tells andra hutzler. She thinks it’s a great thing, because TSV is the first team in the district of forchheim to take part in the sticker stars campaign. "The project is a great success for our club, because it strengthens the communication, the team spirit and the identification with TSV ebermannstadt", underlines andrea hutzler.
She became aware of this project through the club eintracht bamberg, which her husband currently coaches. Because the idea was so well received there, she suggested to the TSV board last september that they apply for the campaign – with success.

Convincing work done

Then the work began for the cashier of TSV ebermannstadt, franz bezold and markus nikolei. "It was a time-consuming challenge to keep track of the lists of names of our 19 (!) fubball teams and to organize the photo sessions with the players", confesses andrea hutzler. In addition, she had to do a lot of convincing for some of them to have their picture taken.
With mandy krasser from engelhardsberg, she was able to hire a professional photographer from her own ranks. There were four photo sessions. In addition, the pictures were partially still retouched. "Everyone wants to look good on the stickers", explains andrea hutzler, who also organized team photos for the album.

Anticipation is rough

She confesses: "everyone i know can hardly wait until they hold the scrapbook in their hands for the first time and paste in the first photos." The album is also handed out to the TSV board members on saturday. So the anticipation is huge. TSV fans can get a taste of what the pictures will look like at the entrance to the sports center. The responsible persons have posted a transparent album there, which promotes the stickerstars kick-off event on saturday.
Collector’s photos and albums are sold exclusively at the rewe store in ebermannstadt, because store owner hannes meyer has made himself available as a sponsor for the campaign. Five photos cost 80 cents, the collection album six euros.
"I like everyone to get their collection album full", emphasizes andrea hutzler. That’s why it was agreed with the stickerstars company that there should be no extremely rare pictures. All the player photos were distributed in equal numbers on the collection packs.
So that there are no gaps in the albums, three dates have already been fixed for the exchange borsens. The dates will be announced through the platforms. Pictures can also be exchanged at the home games of TSV ebermannstadt. The action runs until 26. May.

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