Snapshot portal groupon continues to lose millions

Snapshot portal groupon continues to lose millions

At the same time, sales increased by 27 percent to 757 million dollars.

At groupon, customers can buy discount vouchers from service providers, restaurants or retailers. So far, the offers are distributed mainly via e-mail newsletters. But groupon wants to become more of a platform through which local merchants can market their offerings online and on mobile devices. So groupon created websites for several million stores, where they can present themselves in the groupon system. Change takes time and costs money. In north america, targeted searches in groupon’s deal database accounted for ten percent of total usage last quarter.

Groupon paid last 52.7 million active customers, who had struck in the past twelve months at least once with the schnappchen. That was about a quarter more than a year ago. Around half of groupon’s offers are bought on mobile devices.

In asia, groupon is looking for partners with whom the business could be jointly operated there. That would be an alternative to selling the divisions there, groupon boss eric lefkofsky told the financial service bloomberg. Groupon had grown very rapidly internationally in recent years. However, many local companies with different software platforms were bought together, and the expensive integration resulted in high losses.

Analysts’ expectations were exceeded with the quarterly figures, but management issued a weaker outlook than expected. The share price rose by more than four percent in the aftermath of the crisis. At around $6, it is still well below the $20 issue price at the end of 2011.

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