Republicans launch candidate campaign in iowa

republicans launch candidate campaign in iowa

It was unclear until the very end which candidate would win the important vote test on tuesday evening (local time) in the search for a challenger to president barack obama. According to the latest polls, an extremely exciting head-to-head race was to be expected.

According to pollsters, ex-massachusetts governor mitt romney (64) and congressman ron paul (76), who wants as little government as possible, were within a hair’s breadth of each other. Recently, the ex-senator from pennsylvania, rick santorum (53), has made strong gains in the polls. He is now third. By contrast, the icon of the populist tea party movement and the only woman in the race, michele bachmann (55), has slipped significantly in the polls.

Throughout tuesday, the seven well-known candidates tried to attract voters with appearances and aggressive commercials on television. 41 percent had said they had not yet made up their minds in one of the usual surveys conducted by the newspaper "des moines register. Only 51 percent said they had already made a final decision on a candidate. The first results were expected on wednesday morning, german time.

Immediately before the primary, romney also sharply attacked obama. Whose policy of turning america into a european-style welfare state is "poisoning the spirit of america and preventing us from being one nation under god," romney said at an appearance. The democratic incumbent ended his christmas vacation in hawaii just in time for the start of the election year. His party should also determine its presidential candidate in iowa on tuesday – but obama alone is on the ballot. He announced that he would be videotaped at the iowa democratic national convention that evening.

Iowa’s midwest intraparty primaries traditionally kick off the election year in the united states. Although the small agricultural state with a population of just three million has little political weight – it will account for just one percent of the delegates at the decisive republican convention at the end of august – it is not the only state in the country with a large population. Nevertheless, the vote is considered a barometer of public opinion. Above all: whoever does well in iowa can hope for further campaign donations. Obama, for example, started his triumphant campaign in 2008 with an opening victory in iowa.

There, the decisive factor is who can persuade the most supporters to take part in the more than 1,700 party meetings in which the state’s presidential candidate is determined on tuesday evening after discussions and votes. This was followed by further primaries in the 49 other states and in the territories of the USA. Voting will take place in new hampshire as early as next week. South carolina and florida to follow in january. The presidential election is on 6. November.

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