Munnerstadt: arriving instead of perishing

Jochen emmerling won’t have to wait too long before he gets his first motorcycle. The driver is directed to the parking lot on the schindberg mountain. "Please drive to my colleagues", says the chief superintendent of the bad kissingen police department. The officers of the traffic police inspection schweinfurt-werneck then take over the actual control. The vehicle documents are checked, the motorcycle is checked for road safety. The officials have already registered that it is not too noisy.

Shortly before this had been a little different. "We don’t want to stand in one place for six hours", explains lochen emmerling. That is why the officers had previously posted themselves on the road between steinach and schmalwasser, a route popular with motorcyclists because of its narrow bends. Within an hour, 25 bikers were checked, in one case there was a minor complaint, but the rider was allowed to continue. In another case, however, the ride was over. The motorcycle was too loud due to modifications. "This voids the operating license", says jochen emmerling. And that means: leave the vehicle. The motorcycle can only be used again once it has been brought back into compliance with the operating permit. The driver had to be picked up.

Under the motto "arrive instead of perish" bavaria’s interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) launched the police’s bavaria-wide motorcycle checks on motorcyclists. The main focus is on risky and speedy riding and motorcycles that are too loud. Twice a year, there are such intensive checks, says jochen emmerling. They also have a preventive character. Among other things, the brakes, tires and the loud noise are checked; alcohol does not usually play a role with motorcyclists. They are also checked to see if they have a sufficient driving license for the bike. The officers try to talk to the bikers, especially the younger ones. This is about the driving style and also about the protective clothing. "We don’t have to pay a 50-year-old BMW driver anything more", female police officer.

But it happens that young riders sit on their bikes in shorts and T-shirts, which is not forbidden, but very dangerous. Then the officers try to convince them to wear the right protective clothing. "Many say they only ride to the next place." But even then something can happen, which the bikers must then painfully experience. This is what the police want to spare you.

The officers from bad kissingen are supported by their colleagues from the traffic police department of schweinfurt-werneck, who have received special training. But also the officials from bad kissingen can attend a corresponding course of instruction. Among other things, they learn where some motorcyclists like to lend a hand to make their bikes louder or faster. Among the motorcyclists checked near steinach were a few younger ones – the real target group. "But there were no real racers." Things were even quieter on the schindberg. Ten drivers were checked, there were no complaints. The "arrive instead of perish" action still stop, there will be more checks.

Friederike spah, the young motorcyclist whom jochen emmerling stopped first on the schindberg, puts away her papers and puts on her gloves again. "I have no problem with that", she says when asked what she thinks of the checks. Then it goes on in the direction of schweinfurt.

In 2018, a total of 691 accidents occurred in the service area of the police prasidium unterfranken in which a motorcycle was involved, it says from the police prasidium wurzburg. 638 bikers were injured. Seven motorcyclists lost their lives. In six out of seven cases, the motorcyclist himself was the main culprit and therefore to be regarded as the cause of the accident. In addition to individual driving errors, the accidents caused by motorcyclists were due to excessive or inappropriate driving. Inappropriate speed still the most common cause of accidents.

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