Millions are missing for this house

Ekkehard roepert right next to the dilapidated town hall, the city has now had to open the next rough construction site. But there are not enough funds for the renovation of the so-called "frechshaus". Therefore, the building to the west of the town hall (the oldest parts of which date back to the 15th century) will be rebuilt. Century) have only been patched up in a makeshift way for the time being.

This worried some city councilors in the finance committee on wednesday. Mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) said that "no general renovation" would be worth it of the streits- und frechshaus was in question; the city had "more important projects".

The architect sigrun wagner (responsible for renovations at the city) explained the extent of the damage: the wooden structure is infected by a fungus that is not dangerous for humans, but for the wood; the framework is so dilapidated that chunks have already fallen out; moisture is penetrating the building at the eaves; the noses of the tiles are breaking off; the pigeons are using the holes in the roof to nest and contaminate the roof truss with droppings.

Measurements in the attic had "alarming values sigrun wagner warns. But he also emphasized that there was no danger for the city employees in the house. "It sounds as if you were surprised by the condition of the building", wondered paul nerb (FBF). Whether there have been no regular inspections of the reef house? The fact that the beams were rotten and pigeons were nesting there could not be "sudden" have happened. In a private house, at least, a landlord knows what is going on under the roof, nerb criticized.

Ludwig preusch () therefore demanded that the city buildings be inspected once a year in the future. Lord kirschstein said that for a long time there was only one person in charge of building maintenance in the city. In the meantime, the staff has been increased to three positions in order to avoid such incidents in the future.

"The current goal is to maintain the building", said sigrun wagner. The 350,000 euros that the city council had put into the budget as a precaution during the budget discussions were sufficient for this purpose.

"Somewhat stunned" reinhold otzelberger (CSU) reacted to the fact that the city, as the owner, had not noticed for years that moisture had moved into the house. You have to notice something like that." Otzelberger called for "a proactive approach to the city’s buildings". And the frechshaus should not only be tampered with roofing felt and a few new tiles: "why don’t we cover the house with a new roof??". This "striking building" the city should "fundamentally renovate" the building be worth.

The new roofing proposed by reinhold otzelberger would already be the first step in a basic renovation, said sigrun wagner. "Then we had to uncover all the ceilings and also open up the floors." If you wanted to renovate the frechshaus as thoroughly as the town hall, you would have to spend four to six million euros, the architect estimated.

The fact that the desolate condition of the frechshaus was not noticed could not only be attributed to the building maintenance department, said ludwig preusch (). When chunks of the framework fall onto the street and when rainwater spills over the tile-clogged gutter onto the facade, "then those who go in and out of the house also have to notice this and they have to clean up, preusch argued.Despite this argument, the finance committee decided to invest only the said 350,000 euros in the frechshaus for the time being "as a first aid, to be sure", as udo schonfelder (CSU) said.

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