How peace comes into everyday life

How peace comes into everyday life

On sunday, the light of peace was distributed in the parish community of oberleichtersbach-schondra. Using texts and interpretations, the youth group from schonderling showed how exclusion, mobbing, negative remarks and attitudes can cause suffering in the world.

Based on the story "yu gong moves mountains" it became clear that peace is "in the rough" a difficult task indeed. But where there is a will, there is also a way.

So were the "little" ones and "viable" ways of peace shown in everyday life. Peace can be found and traced, for example, in the smile of a child, in a loving embrace, a nice whatsapp message and much more. These mysteriously small occurrences illuminate the darkness of life. This in turn was made visible by framing the previously black cross with joyful and colorful colors.

In oberleichtersbach, the light of peace was distributed at the grotto as part of the forest advent. The fruit and horticulture association had again provided a pre-christmas atmosphere with more than 400 candles in slightly wintry weather. The event was musically framed by the leichtersbacher musicians. The evening ended in the square in front of the church, catering was provided by the parish council

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