Happy reunion

A happy reunion was celebrated by 47 former students of the class of 1957/58 from the elementary school in munnerstadt. "We used to be a huge class with well over 40 students", recalled a schoolmate. The last time they had seen each other was five years ago.

From north and south

There was of course a lot to talk about at the meeting, which began with a champagne reception in the club room of the munnerstadt reservists at the train station. In sunny autumn weather and after a leisurely walk up to the beehive, the group met there for coffee and cake.

The deceased remembered

Many former students are still at home in munnerstadt and the surrounding area, some have traveled from the far north, others from the munich region.

After coffee, the schoolmates went to the cemetery, where the eight deceased schoolmates were remembered. In memory of this meeting a candle was placed at each grave.

The evening was spent in the "deutschherrenkeller", where old memories and anecdotes from their school days together were refreshed until late into the night.

At the farewell, all agreed and firmly resolved that the next reunion should and will take place in 2023. .

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