Hammelburg volleys are challenged twice

Hammelburg volleys are challenged twice

FT freiburg – hammelburg volleys (saturday, 8 p.M.) the joy over the hammelburg volleys’ successful start to the season with the opening victories over mimmenhausen and friedrichshafen had not yet evaporated, when the team officials behind the scenes already had to react for the first time. "Due to one or the other minor overload indication with some of our players, we have decided to make the squad a little bit rougher as a precaution", says press spokesman olly wendt. Athletics coach and co-trainer janick sill moves from the bench into the players’ jersey. For the 26-year-old, the jump from the bayerliga to the 2. Bundesliga a challenge that the wurzburger is happy to take on:

"I see the step into the second bundesliga above all as a huge opportunity. I fully trust karl’s judgement that i can be a help to the team and i’m happy to be part of this great team as a player as well." Already on saturday sill will be a player in freiburg. "I’m convinced that janick can help us and i’m pleased that he has spontaneously agreed to play, says head coach karl kaden, who wanted to take the positive energy from last weekend with him on the long trip to breisgau. "The freiburg team didn’t win its first game in schwaig for nothing", says kaden, even though the team from central franconia only competed with a minimal squad due to organizational difficulties in preparing for the season. Coach schonhagen’s team will welcome the volleys with fast and varied volleyball in their home burda hall.

Cup on sunday

On sunday, hammelburg’s hunen have to go to work again, namely in their home saaletalhalle, where ten teams will compete from 11 a.M. For a place in the bavarian cup final on 7 a.M. October in memmelsdorf fight. Participants will include league opponent eltmann. "It won’t be a self-runner after the previous evening’s game. If we want to win, we have to beat eltmann first and foremost", female captain peter wolf.

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