Grune disputes openness to coalitions other than red-green

Grune disputes openness to coalitions other than red-green

The head of the bavarian green party, dieter janecek, caused a stir with his call for openness for alliances other than with the SPD. "Anyone who still relies on the camp campaign model is riding a dead horse," wrote janecek and a co-author on tuesday in an internet blog.

Grunen chairman cem ozdemir put janecek in his place: "I recommend that our bavarian state chairman worry about the upcoming state elections in bavaria," ozdemir told the "tageszeitung/taz" (wednesday). "There is certainly still enough to do, which should keep him busy."

In his appeal, janecek had argued that voters should be able to count on the greens implementing their ideas in a red-green government after the federal elections. But in the event of missing this goal, the party should counter a possible rough coalition of insistence with a small option of change. This could mean, for example, a black/green coalition.

After the thesis paper appeared on the internet and the "taz" and spiegel online reported on it, several green members of the bundestag took it to task on the short message service twitter. "Abundant as a…"Said faction leader volker beck. "What’s more than personal pomposity is the talk about CDU coalitions the day after the red/green election success," says NRW state parliament member arndt klocke.

Janecek in turn accused the critics of pure reflexes. He told "die welt" (wednesday) that the greens should be willing to talk in other directions, depending on the particular constellation. The debate lasted for hours on the internet.

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