Ebensfeld now has a golden book

From now on the market ebensfeld has a golden book. It was presented to the committee at the year-end meeting on tuesday evening. Then the three mayors and 18 members of the town council signed the book by name.

Gunter lipp from frickendorf near ebern has taken over the design of the book on the recommendation of district local historian gunter dippold. Lipp is the district local historian in the habberge district. He has been in charge of the golden book of the city of ebern and other municipalities for about 50 years. He explained the history of the golden books to the ebensfeld councilors and explained who should sign such a book.

The ebensfeld book has an imposing wooden cover emblazoned with the municipality’s coat of arms. The pages that gunter lipp will calligraphically design are made of handmade butter paper. The entries should not be made with a flippant ballpoint pen, but stylishly with a full pen, said gunter lipp. Burgermeister bernhard storath (CSU) had therefore already procured a fuller in advance.

"What is a golden book??", asked lipp. Hardly any burger has ever seen the one of his municipality himself "and if, at most from the showcase". In germany golden books are relatively young. Only since approximately 150 years there are these books in the cities and municipalities. Honorary guests and deserving citizens of the municipality should be immortalized with their signatures. "It is an honor book, not a guest book or a condolence book", he said. "It wasn’t hinz and kunz who were supposed to sign up, but heinrich and konrad."

The entries could be made, for example, during an official visit by the county councilor, the president of the government and the minister, but also during a visit by the archbishop and county dean. The decision as to whether stars like helene fischer are allowed to immortalize themselves in it is at the discretion of the mayor. Special pages are also possible on the occasion of high honors of community citizens, for example when someone is awarded the federal cross of merit or receives the honorary citizenship. Appropriate occasions are also special club anniversaries, such as the 150th anniversary of the ebensfeld fire department in the coming year.

He will be happy to design the corresponding pages, lipp continued – just like the first pages he executed with red pen and golden ink. As to the question of form, lipp explained that he prescribes the texts for the respective occasion and transcribes the names of the persons. In addition to the signature, the entire name of the honored guest should be legibly noted in the book. The entries usually consist only of the name, only occasionally the honored guests write a dedication to it, he explained.

Over time, a golden book becomes a chronicle of a community, a history book from which precise data can be quickly read, said gunter lipp.

Mayor bernhard storath (CSU) informed that the budget of the catholic church foundation regarding the operation of a group in the forest kindergarten for the budget year 2017/18 closed with revenues of 109 665 euros and expenses of 127 220 euros. The estimated shortfall of 17,555 euros will be borne by the municipality of ebensfeld due to contractual obligations. The mayor pointed out that the demand for kindergarten places continues to rise due to numerous births.

The ebensfeld fire department is to purchase a replacement vehicle, the municipal council unanimously decided. The cost is estimated at 350,000 euros. The europe-wide invitation to tender will take place in 2019.

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