Construction site in the “breet” in euerdorf is over

The patience of the "breet" residents was put to the test for a long time. But after 16 months, the construction site is over, and with it the dust, the noise and the detour.

The road by the quarry and its extension, the old kissinger road, have not only received a new road surface and new footpaths. The lighting is new, there is a new sewer underground, a broadband line from telekom and empty pipes for future direct fiber optic connections.

In addition, the settlement is connected to the gas network of the bad kissingen public utility company. For this, the saale had to be crossed by means of a spool borehole. In the coming spring the grassy areas will be planted.

The work was not easy: the "breet, the slope in the north of euerdorf is crisscrossed by massive rock. But there was another reason why the refurbishment was a "tough job", as mayor patricia schieber (CSU) described the project at an official transfer meeting. At around 2.15 million euros, the renovation is one of the larger investments of the past few years, especially since the municipality was not able to draw on any debt funds for it.

Damage to the canal

The rehabilitation had been made necessary by "extremely severe sewer damage, as matthias kirchner explained on the sidelines of the event. The building planner spoke of many needs. The cause of the damage was that the canal had once been laid directly on the rock bedrock. Now there is a "clean routing". And the canal is no longer made of concrete or clay, but of plastic. With this, the pipeline should now be more flexible.

Several residents of the new construction area are less concerned about the technical side than the financial one: the high extension fees. Since the construction site before the deadline 1. January 2018 had started, contributions are still due. However, according to schieber, the residents only have to pay three installments, the fourth, the final installment, is omitted. This in turn changes the financing situation for the municipalities. But the general abolition of the road construction fee has further consequences.

Actually, the paths and roads branching off from the main axis wildfuhr, at the fubpfad and halbackerweg should be rehabilitated as well. The areas have also already been redesigned together with the strabe am steinbruch and the old kissinger strabe. But further expansion has been halted for the time being, as the mayor explained.

It is first to be discussed again in the municipal council. For with the abolition of the road expansion contributions, the municipality has lost a source of funding. She had to bear all the costs herself. "We are left alone as a municipality", said schieber. She referred to the uncertainty about what support the municipalities can count on as a substitute for the road expansion contributions.

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