Compromising on the school day

Compromising on the school day

Susanne muller's first reach into the shelf yields a strawberry-banana smoothie. "I make it myself at home, but the ready-made product will do for the school lunch," explains the food expert, explains the food expert. The purified fruits are supplemented by fruit and vegetables in whole form. Susanne muller stows grapes, cocktail tomatoes and kohlrabi in the shopping cart as an example. It doesn't matter what kind, and "it doesn't have to be cooked, either," she says, says muller. The raw food can simply be cut into small pieces and packed into the lunch box.

At this moment, the 45-year-old looks around in search of something: "we definitely need another nice lunch box." Because if the children have spab at the can, that is already half the rent. After two boxes are found – one for fruit, one for vegetables and bread – susanne muller says: "now we have to get to the candy, of course."

She lingers briefly in front of the shelf and then reaches for the colorful pacifier gumdrops. But here, too, it makes no difference what you choose, since everything is sugar-heavy. For muller, herself a mother of two, the key is: "it has to be something for the eye and things that children really like."
The 45-year-old doesn't think much of the supposedly healthier alternatives at the top of the shelves: "there's just as much sugar in them."

No extreme driving

While fruit and vegetables provide enough vitamins and minerals, the substitutes take care of the children's emotional balance on the first day of school. "You only start school once, so you can't afford to miss out on the fun factor", says susanne muller. On normal school days, however, sweets had no place in the backpack: "sugary foods rob the body of minerals that it urgently needs to build up the body."

One must drive in the nutrition with children even "compromises, and not fall into the extreme", explains the ecotrophologist. But you can't make a doctoral thesis out of it, she adds, and has a tip for all those who don't want to think about it: "give the child half of the fruit and vegetables in everything it eats. This puts you on the right track."

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