Cheering for the very last time

Cheering for the very last time

Landesliga nord, male C-youth: HSG schwanberg/main – TV eibach 34:28 (18:11).

After his players had received their well-deserved applause and thanked the opponent for a fair game, the last performance belonged to the coach. On the tribune, the spectators rose from their seats; on the field, everyone turned in his direction and showered christian renz with applause.
After the afternoon had been dominated by sports, the 44-year-old now experienced his most moving moments, as he had just played his last game as youth coach of HSG schwanberg/main. "This season we were one of the strongest teams in the league, but unfortunately we had some bad luck with injuries. In the last game, my team once again showed their true capabilities. That was the crowning conclusion, renz was happy about the final.

On the last day of play, the hosts once again became the tongues on the scales. While the fourth place for the hosts was as good as fixed in advance, it was still about the championship for the guests from eibach.
To do so, however, the team from nurnberg had to win in the maintalhalle in order to wrest the title from the matchless table leader from lohr.

Lohr's coach peter gowor and some of his players also supported the hosts on site: "i have to give my colleague a huge compliment for the performance. His team showed a great game. He motivated them and set them up excellently." Renz was also pleased about the support from lohr: "i think it's great that they came to dettelbach especially for this game and gave us their thumbs up. Maybe we have something good with them now."

In front from the start

From the start, the team formed by tv dettelbach and tv groblangheim took the lead and never relinquished it at any point during the game. By halftime, the lead had already reached seven goals. Even after the change of sides, the hall announcer sascha hack, who had come in especially for the game, was able to announce goal after goal for the hosts. At times, the gap between the two teams grew to nine goals.

Sascha hack, who broadcasts live for bayerischer rundfunk on handball and basketball, was immediately convinced that he would take on this not entirely unfamiliar task: "we played handball together in kitzingen for many years. At the beginning of the week, christian called me and told me that his last game as coach was coming up on saturday, a real top game, and asked me if i had the time and the inclination to host the game for the boys as the hall announcer.", reported hack. "For me, it was immediately clear that I agree to him for this." He fondly recalled their time together on the field: "as players, we always encouraged each other and did a lot of things together in our private lives, too. We have known each other for many years and have always remained in contact."

For the team through northern bavaria

Hack praised the commitment of self-employed tiler christian renz in the highest possible terms: "it's incredibly important that there are people like him who are beating their brains out for the club and the team on weekends. He runs his own business and drives all over northern bavaria for handball."

With so many warm words raining down on him, the former goalkeeper of groblangheim, rodelsee and kitzingen also showed emotion. "I'm very proud that we've had so much fun and success together over the last six years. So it hurts a little to stop for now. But I am also looking forward to my time afterwards. For as we all know, you should stop when it is best for you."

With the exception of two players, his team is moving up to the B-youth level for the new season. "I wish the boys all, all the best and hope that they remain loyal to the club. Because if they continue to play so well together, they can become a really good team." However, his successor has not yet been appointed. The association is currently looking for. But renz hopes that a solution will be found in the next few weeks.
"For sure" he will be present in the future at games in the hall and support his boys no longer from the sidelines, but from the tribune as usual passionately. His potential successor was looking forward to the task at the HSG: "as a coach, you can't wish for anything better than here at the club."

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