10 Years ago: voller’s cult outbreak

10 years ago: voller's cult outbreak

Waldemar hartmann still remembers rudi voller’s legendary kase-guru-mist speech "as if it were yesterday". Thereby it is on 6. September, when the german national soccer team meets austria in the world cup qualifiers, exactly ten years ago.

At the time, voller had formally exploded after a 0-0 draw by the DFB team in iceland: "I can’t listen to this kase anymore after every game in which we haven’t scored a goal, then an even lower low has been reached. That’s the very last straw," the team boss scolded hartmann in an interview with ARD.

Normally, a national coach always has a cool-down phase directly after the game, says hartmann today about the reasons for voller’s rage speech. "But that was more like a district sports facility in reykjavik. He came up three flights of stairs and down three flights of stairs straight into the studio. And he was able to hear for the first time what gunter netzer and gerhard delling had to say about the game," says the questioner at the time, describing the situation.

The team of goalkeeper oliver kahn, miroslav klose and michael ballack, who will be given an official farewell by the DFB before kickoff against austria, had disgraced itself in front of 7000 spectators. "They rightly took a very critical look at it. And there I could watch rudi’s neck grow fuller," says hartmann. "I admit that the choice of words was a bit coarse," he said later. Ten years later, it’s hard to imagine the generation around ozil, khedira, muller, reus or gotze: in compulsory matches, germany almost always had to tremble against the little ones like iceland. "That is certainly a tick too few for our requirements, we are vice world champions. There must be a little more to come. But the bullshit that is always babbled there. Everyone should really think about whether we can continue to do this in the future," he said.

Franz beckenbauer, paul breitner and netzer were also given a powerful talking to by voller: "all the gurus, those ex-gurus who played fubball at some time or other."And then: "i’ve been sitting here for three years now and i always have to listen to this bullshit."Nowadays hartmann considers such an interview unthinkable.

"When i hear the statements that we weren’t close enough to the man, that we didn’t make the spaces tight enough, that we couldn’t perform at our best today, i ask myself why we still listen to the interviews. That is something to hear away. The guys have become fewer."

Voller didn’t spare hartmann back then either: "you’re sitting here loosely on your chair, you’ve had three wheat beers and you’re already loose."The team boss at the time resisted public demands: "no one can demand that we drive here and beat the islander 5:0."Somehow this must have sounded familiar to national trainer joachim low.

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