Spd gartenstadt has a dual leadership

The local SPD association of bamberg-east-gartenstadt-kramersfeld now has a dual leadership, following the example of berlin. On the occasion of the annual general meeting new elections were held. Ernst trebin was confirmed as chairman again, but he is now assisted by marie-madelaine eklund, a 25-year-old political science student who has already gained plenty of experience in party politics as parliamentary secretary of the bamberg SPD. Peter sub and roswitha sporl, both from kramersfeld, were elected as deputies. Further to the board remain johannes miekisch as schriftfuhrer and gerald fenn as kassenwart (both gartenstadt).

Trebin thanked the previous executive committee and the committed members for their cooperation, especially district councilors heinz kuntke and peter sub, and mentioned in his annual review a steady increase to currently 101 members.

The old new chairman recalled the activities of the year that was coming to an end, from the participation in the petition for a referendum for the preservation of biodiversity to the campaign campaigns for this year’s european elections, from proposals for equipping the pestalozziheim area with sports equipment and for the development of the golf course as a potentially very attractive recreational area for the people of gartenstadt to lively discussions on social, environmental and health policy.

The chairman was also able to report on the concretizing plans for the construction of a fountain at troppauplatz, driven forward by the heidelsteig school and the ibach foundation.

In the ensuing debate, the many tree removals that are expected to bring a huge influx of people to the district were praised. But there was also the concern that too much land, especially garden land, could be sacrificed, which especially in times of climate change would need an increased appreciation.

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