People from the unterschleichach region pitched in

Shortly before the social distance was imposed on the people because of the corona crisis, the people from the underleichach region implemented a special community project. In several work assignments, the space in front of the two stores at the intersection was repaved to make it barrier-free. The coarse granite paving with its wide joints was replaced by concrete paving that is easy to walk on. Many volunteers, supported by donors and the municipality of oberaurach, lent a hand.

When village renewal began in unterschleichach more than 25 years ago, the central squares were paved with granite stones; it was only later that people became more aware of the need for barrier-free access. Complaints about the pavement in front of the butcher’s store, flower store and post office, which was very difficult to walk on, became louder and louder in unterschleichach. The wheels of walkers got wedged in the wide joints and even young people had to be careful not to painfully twist their ankles.

When the new board of directors of the association for village development and home maintenance was elected last year, a first project crystallized right away: finally making the village square in front of the stores barrier-free. The mayor of the village, thomas sechser, was open to the idea by the chairmen peter ullrich and sabine weinbeer. It was quickly agreed that the municipality would bear the material costs and the club would take care of coordinating the work itself.

In the winter, the unterleichach company buhl, a builder’s merchant, and markert, an earthwork contractor from tretzendorf, pledged their support in the form of machinery and skilled personnel. Therefore, the board met several times during the winter to plan the project and to start the call for helpers.

The feedback was encouraging, but when the first weekend of operations approached at the beginning of march, peter ullrich was a little uneasy: "it was cold and rainy, and no one could be blamed for staying at home." But then he was pleasantly surprised: despite the bad weather, the helpers came, the pavement was removed, and the first square meters of the new pavement could be laid already.

"After all, this is 280 square meters, the paving stones weigh several tons", according to gerhard vogel, a retired construction expert who used an excavator to get the stones out of their gravel bed.

The sun shone

A weekend later, the sun shone on the hard-working helpers. The driveway to the neighboring property was also expanded, while the new paved area grew from the side. The work went like clockwork. While the paving stones were still being laid in chains around the fountain, a small team was already working on the precise cutting and installation of the curbstones, and others were already sweeping the crushed sand into the joints of the finished flat so that the grooved slab could follow.

Up to 25 people were on site at the same time. They were regularly supplied with coffee and cake from the neighborhood. Snack was donated. Bread and baked goods came from the weis bakery, and the meat sausage for one of the lunches came from the hornung butcher’s shop.

Claudia ullrich and sabine weinbeer from the board cooked lunch for the whole troop on saturdays. The cash for the purchase was well filled, because both at nadia summa in the flower store, as well as elke markert in the butcher’s store and at the board members several monetary donations were given to support the helpers.

"The response was really quite enormous", chairman peter ullrich is pleased. "Many customers of the store, especially the elderly, but also the neighbors around the square thanked us for our action."

He is pleased about the smooth cooperation with all supporters, especially the municipal building yard, markus tropper from the building office of the municipality of oberaurach and ewald buhl, who together with gerhard vogel and peter ullrich formed the construction management team.

The summa nursery now wants to do some planting; the grounds of the hornung butcher’s shop have to be cleared up because they had to be used for the temporary storage of materials. "And then we hope that as soon as possible we will all be able to take advantage of the new quality of our village square", according to peter ullrich and sabine weinbeer.

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