New trouble for boeing: 737 must be inspected

New trouble for boeing: 737 must be inspected

Coatings on tailplane attachments were improperly applied, FAA safety directive says.

If the components failed, pilots could lose control of the aircraft in the worst case scenario.

The safety directive was to be published by the FAA on monday and was previously available in the U.S. Federal register.

In the USA, 1050 jets are affected and are to be inspected and repaired if necessary. The FAA estimates the work will cost a total of $10.1 million (7.7 million euros).

Such safety instructions are normal in aviation. Nor can the case be compared with the debacle surrounding the flagship "dreamliner" airliner.

The long-haul jet has been grounded for three months because of batteries that pose a fire risk. The air traffic control must approve a new battery design.

There was no talk of accidents because of the wrong coating on the 737. On saturday, a boeing 737 crashed into the water and broke up on its approach to the vacation island of bali for reasons that are as yet unclear. But all the people on board managed to escape to the shore.

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