Israel opens border crossing with the gaza strip

Israel opens border crossing with the gaza strip

The border crossing erez and the crossing kerem shalom are open again, israeli television reported. The cogat authorities announced the move on saturday evening. The erez crossing is open to foreigners and palastinians with special permits, such as patients in need of medical treatment.

The crossings were closed a week ago due to an escalation of violence in which four israelis and 25 palastinians were killed. Palestinian militants had fired some 700 rockets at israel; israel’s army then attacked targets in the gaza strip.

Since monday, both sides have largely adhered to a cease-fire that was negotiated with agyptian help, among others. Qatar has pledged millions in aid to the palastinians.

On friday, israel had already expanded the fishing zone, which had also been restricted during the escalation, to up to 22 kilometers off the coast of gaza.

A palastinian man was killed on friday during new protests against the blockade of the gaza strip, which has been in place for more than a decade. Hamas, which rules the gaza strip, demands a lifting of the blockade, which israel and egypt justify with security concerns. Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization by the USA, israel and the EU and denies israel its right to exist.

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