Heidelsteig school wants to become a “cultural school

Bamberg – as a pilot school for culture, the heidelsteigschule is well on the way to taking on a pioneering role in the bavarian school system. If the pilot phase of the project is successfully completed, the primary and secondary school will be awarded the title of "cultural school" in 2017 – another building block in the concept of a very committed school family. The heidelsteig school is already a "school without racism – school with courage" and because of its commitment to fair trade, the school has also been certified as a "fair trade school" get. "The bamberger heidelsteig school is really something special", praises state minister melanie huml (CSU), who, according to her own statements, is in munich for this "innovative and committed school" advertises.

Demanded by the ministry of education
The bavarian ministry of culture supports the heidelsteig school financially on its way to becoming a cultural school: "just recently, my cabinet colleague ludwig spaenle, minister of culture, approved a further 10,000 euros from the cultural fund", reports huml. This raises the demand to 25,000 euros. "This support is important, also because it sends out a signal that we in bavaria see school as a place for learning and living," she praised, emphasizes the minister. "On the way to adulthood, we have to teach our children and young people more than just what they learn in school textbooks. This is about personal development", the minister continued.
According to huml, the pilot school for culture is an exemplary project: "cultural education not only challenges the creativity of the students, but also their participation in social life and ultimately leads to an improvement in future opportunities overall, huml explains and expresses his thanks to principal ursula lyda-fischer, mayor christian lange and the numerous project partners from the cultural sector. "Thanks to the dedicated efforts of many involved, the heidelsteig school is able to offer a very diverse cultural curriculum, there is something for everyone from music to art to cultural history", praises huml, who herself enjoyed making music as a schoolgirl and was a member of the choir. "Today, unfortunately, I don't have the time, but I do enjoy going to concerts very much." 

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