Gluhwein and gift buying

Punctually on the first sunday of advent weibe flakes trickled to the earth. As if the christ child in heaven had ordered the snow especially for the christmas market.
This year again, the organizers of the local trade association had put together a program that was well worth seeing. Already at noon the church square was filled with visitors, who especially love the homey atmosphere of the event. A wide range of goods was on offer at around a dozen stalls. For sale here were decorative things made of wood and glass, turkranze, christmas tree decorations and much more. The day care center st. Michael offered homemade baked goods like mini stollen, nussecken and lebkuchenmanner, but also wintermusli and choco-crossies.
The school orchestra of the ebensfeld music association under the direction of conductor reinhold stark and the ensemble "achd blach" provided the appropriate musical atmosphere for the advent season, which also entertained with christmas tips.
A priest who shines shoes? "I have the talent to clean shoes reasonably well", said the evangelic pastor kornelius holmer from zapfendorf and laughs. Holmer is thus fulfilling an action of his church congregation, which has the motto "make something of it" is. It’s all about using one’s talents for the benefit of the church renovation. The church in zapfendorf and the parish hall are to be converted to be barrier-free. "And that costs a lot of money."
Santa claus also likes to be seen at the christmas market. He distributed gifts to all the good children. Against the cold on this wintry sunday helped either the gluhwein or one of the provided firerkorben, which were made from discarded washing machine drums. In the parish and youth center, visitors could not only enjoy a warm meal, but also home-baked cakes and pies along with a cup of coffee. For about 20 years the knitting circle has been offering all kinds of lovingly made items for sale for a good cause. Among them are warm socks, gloves or slippers. These handicraft items were sold in great numbers. But also decorative items like hooked tablecloths were bought with pleasure by the market visitors.

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