Folk choir sang in the specialist clinic

The volkschor herzogenaurach was a guest in the cafeteria of the herzogenaurach specialist clinic. A colorful selection of hits, evergreens and folk songs was on the program, which the choir performed with obvious enthusiasm. The audience was also very enthusiastic – even if there were fewer listeners than expected. According to melanie bar, cultural manager of the specialist clinic, many guests were at home over the weekend.
But this did not dampen the good mood; with the help of a lyric sheet, the audience and the choir sang together and sang "lollipop", cackled at "i wish i was a chicken" and dreamed at "above the clouds.
The herzogenaurach folk choir is looking forward to further performances at the specialist clinic. "The enthusiasm of the singers was to be traced, and also the audience was terrific" says cornelia schmid, director of the folk choir.
There may also be interaction between choir and audience at the next major concert date, the schlosshof concert on sunday, 24. June, at 4 p.M. In the herzogenaurach castle courtyard. With free admission and hopefully good weather, further musical surprises await the guests.

Sanger wanted

Those who would like to sing regularly themselves can do so at the weekly choir rehearsal of the volkchor: every wednesday from 19.30 o'clock it takes place in the generationenzentrum in the erlanger strabe.

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