Explosion in the hague: helpers pull injured from trummern

explosion in the hague: helpers pull injured from trummern

A serious explosion accident in an apartment building in the hague has injured at least nine people on sunday. According to firefighters, seven injured were taken to hospitals.

Three people rescued from rubble and debris. It was probably a gas explosion. Specialists from the fire department announced in the evening that there was at least one other person among the trumpeters in the three-story building: he was alive and they had been able to make contact with him.

Salvage work is difficult because the house was in acute danger of collapse. The entire front section collapsed and partially collapsed onto two cars parked in front of the house. The ceilings collided.

There was also considerable damage in the neighboring parts of the residential complex, where parts of the eaves walls had shifted. Firefighters also searched these homes for possible victims. Shards of glass littered the area around the accident site: numerous windows had been broken. The mayor of den haag, pauline krikke, spoke of a "terrible accident" and assured the victims of swift help.

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