Chip designer arm stumbles over expensive legal disputes

The new CEO, simon segars, nevertheless expressed confidence on wednesday about the further course of the year. The company has more orders than ever before and expects to at least meet sales expectations in 2013.

In the second quarter, sales of the british company, whose technology is used, among other things, in apple products, rose by 26 percent to 171.2 million british pounds (just under 200 million euros). Euro).

Meanwhile, pre-tax profit slumped from 54.8 to 15.0 million pounds. Behind this are costs of 41.8 million pounds for two legal disputes involving licenses and patents. In one case ARM paid damages, in the other the company agreed on a settlement. Adjusted for these special costs, ARM exceeded analysts’ expectations in terms of both profit and revenue growth.

ARM earns its money mainly from usage and licensing fees for its designs of chips used in mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones or tablets. ARM is an exception in the semiconductor industry with its steady growth over the past years. Chip producers are usually used to greater fluctuations.

According to ARM’s forecasts, the company should achieve sales of at least 698 million pounds for the year as a whole, which is how much analysts currently expect on average. That was an increase of more than one fifth compared to the previous year.

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