After 40 years grandchildren pictures were shown

The women and men of the graduating class of 1977 really enjoyed their class reunion. 40 years after their graduation ceremony at the elementary school rauhenebrach they came together in geusfeld for a reunion and left with the firm decision not to wait another five years until they see each other again, because: "next year we will celebrate 50 years of schooling", was the firm resolution at the farewell – and at the same time the order to renate seifert, who regularly organizes the jahrgang meetings.
Over 60 young people from all parts of rauhenebrach fall in love with the elementary school in untersteinbach in 1977. Such vintage coarse are long gone today. Well half of the vintage members met at the weekend in geusfeld, where the meeting began with a church service. Afterwards we went to the wengel inn, which is run by the family of the former classmate kurt muller. There were many memories exchanged and of course also pictures of the first grandchildren were shown.
Rauhenebrach’s second mayor alfred bauer and local councillor monika weinbeer are also part of the group. The two informed those participants who no longer live in the steigerwald about the changes in the community of rauhenebrach. Sw

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