Above the clouds

Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless. All fears, all worries, they say, remained hidden underneath – and then what seems to us to be coarse and important suddenly became void and small…"
Do you still have it in your ears, this catchy song by reinhard mey that so clearly describes our longing to be able to take a look at the sky??
We are lucky: this is exactly what we have the opportunity to do on the peculiar holiday called "ascension" wear. Christians dare to look to heaven on this day. Not to critically observe weather developments, but to learn where they can count on god's presence. At the first ascension, according to the bible, this is what jesus told the first young people: "you could count on me through the power of the holy spirit." And when he disappeared, the young people were told: "why are you looking at the sky?? Go for what is in front of your eyes. There is his spirit to be reckoned with, his strength."
The holiday is a reminder that there's more beyond the horizon – and that's why we can confidently tackle the tasks that life now presents us with. Fear of the future, in the world as well as in the church, because jesus is no longer to be seen, no longer walks among us in the flesh, supposedly loses his significance? No, we don't need to have them, because "god has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of strength, love and prudence. (2.Tim.1,7)" and this spirit is really needed in this world, up and down the country. This is the spirit that christians bring to the table: an energetic spirit that transcends boundaries and endures tensions, but is sustained by a faith that is able to see through the horizon.

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